[Conference] Senate House in London 10-11 February 2023

The conference on Towards diversity, equality and sustainability in streaming was held on 10-11 February 2023. Project members had a chance to share their in-progress work and give suggestions, and could have many inspiring and thought-provoking questions and suggestions form the audience.

Lori Morimoto (University of Virginia) gave a plenary talk on the first day on ‘Beyond Hallyu: Korea in the transnational media market place’, and Dr Jinhee Choi (King’s College London) gave her plenary on ‘Necro-Cinematics & Bong Joon-ho’s Girls Trilogy’ on the second day.

The title of each talk can be found at: https://streamingkoreauk.gla.ac.uk/index.php/2023/01/16/conference-registration-now-open/

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