Busan Contents Market Conference Special Interview II

Dr Jinsil Choi and Dr Jonathan Evans had an interview with Busan English Broadcasting on 10 June. They discussed the process of subtitling/dubbing as well as the distinctive features of audiovisual translation. Specific interview questions included:

1.  EVANS : You are here for Busan Contents Market Conference to speak on the subject of translation in media.  Can you tell us how big the market is for translated films and media contents all around the world? 

2.  CHOI : How is the work of translation done for a film or a TV show?  Can you walk us through how it is done? 

3.  EVANS : How is translating media form (films, TV shows..etc)  different from translation work of literature?  

4.  CHOI: There is an expression, “Lost in translation” – meaning translated language may not be able to carry the same meaning of the original language.   What are some of the things translators keep in mind to make sure this (Lost in translation) doesn’t happen? 

4-1.  CHOI :  Or is it necessary to deliver as it is in the original language? 

5. EVANS / CHOI  In recent years, Korean films as well as TV Shows like Squid Game have been increasingly gaining attention of viewers abroad.  What are your thoughts and comments?  (in general and also in terms of translation) 

6. EVANS / CHOI :  Do you have any suggestions for viewers to better enjoy translated films or TV Shows? 

7.EVANS / CHOI : Any words you would like to leave with our audiences? 

For more details, visit: https://www.befm.or.kr/program/template.php?midx=89&pg=morning&cn=morning_sp&mode=view&intnum=32628&pg=morning&cn=morning_sp

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