Busan Contents Market Conference Special Interview I

Dr Chi-Yun SHIN 

Dr Chi-Yun SHIN had an interview with Busan English Broadcasting on 9 June. She shared her views on advancement of Korean films on the global stage, the reception of Korean movies in the UK, and on the changes various online streaming services to the current media landscape. Specific interview questions included:

1. In Recent years Korean movies are getting more spotlights in international cinema awards like Oscar, Emmy’s, and Canne. What’s your impression on such advancement of Korean films on the global stage? 

2. Film Awards are many times decided by experts in the industry — yet we wonder how common movie viewers think of Korean movies?  

3. From your perspective, what are some strengths of Korean movies appealing to viewers abroad (despite language barriers and cultural differences)? 

4. How about movies from other parts of Asia other than Korea?  How do viewers in the U.K. enjoy them? 

5. What are some notable changes you have noticed in trends of Asian movies recently? 

6. What are some changes you might have noticed with variation of film distribution mediums like various online streaming services (Netflix, Disney+, YouTube)?  

6-1. Also, how can new media work to the benefit of Korean movies? 

7. Any words you would like to leave with our audiences?

For more details, please visit: https://www.befm.or.kr/program/template.php?midx=89&pg=morning&cn=morning_sp&mode=view&intnum=32617&pg=morning&cn=morning_sp

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